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  • Who is painting the art?
    All artwork is done by Megha (daughter) and/or Shashi (mom) who are passionate about creating art to brigten up hearts and contribute towards a noble cause.
  • Can I buy the art using other payment methods?
    At the moment we only support PayPal to @shandalgere or Check/Cash for all in-person sales. Sorry for any incovinience.
  • Can I make art requests?
    We would love to fulfill your request! Please submit details (as much details as possible) via the contact page. We will review the request and respond with a date by when the art will be ready.
  • How much of the purchase price is going to the cause?
    100% of the profit we receive will be donated to our cause.
  • Can I meet the painters in person?
    Not at the moment. If there is a need to do so, please contact us and the request will be reviewed.
  • How can I donate more than the listed price for an artwork?
    To donate more, please send the extra amount, along with the listed price, while paying for the artwork.
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